Data I/O Corporation (NASDAQ: DAIO) is the leading global provider of advanced data and security programming solutions for flash, flash-memory based intelligent devices and microcontrollers for automotive, Internet-of-Things, medical, wireless, consumer electronics, industrial controls and other markets. Customers use Data I/O's programming solutions to reliably, securely, and cost-effectively bring innovative new products to life.

Since 1972, our relentless focus on quality, support and programming speed helps our customers achieve excellence in production and product quality.





The world's premier automated programming system with the speed, flexability and fast changeover to handle complex jobs at up to 50% lower cost.

When Velocity Matters

Engineered for speed and accuracy, the PSV7000 gives you blazing fast throughput and highest up-time

When Versatility Matters

Designed for ultimate flexibility and zero changeover, the PSV7000 is meticulously designed to support the most demanding requirements


When Value Matters

The PSV7000 delivers unprecedented capability & quality for the lowest total cost of ownership





Designed for optimum performance and flexibility in a compact footprint



Engineered for highest quality programming, up-time & production yield



Developed to deliver high quality automated programming for the lowest cost per programmed device




Highest Quality Manual Programming


The FlashPAK III is the world's most trusted manual desktop gang programmer. Global and regional electronics manufacturers have trusted the FlashPAK III to program millions of devices in products we use everyday. The FlashPAK III is meticulously designed with the same attention to detail, quality and reliability that Data I/O's automated programming systems are known for.


Ergonomic Design with Productivity in Mind

The FlashPAK III features a low profile ergonomic design in a small desktop footprint. This design enables operators to easily run multiple FlashPAK's at the same time increasing production throughput. Lifting the unique socket Actuator Bar starts the programming process. One unit can program up to four devices in parallel.

Trusted and Reliable Universal Programmer

Trusted and Reliable Universal Programmer with FlashCORE III & SuperBoost Technology

At the core of all Data I/O's programming systems is the FlashCORE III programming engine. FlashCORE III is the industry's most trusted programming engine. Based on a proprietary FPGA design, FlashCORE III with SuperBoost technology is optimized to program devices.


Software Solutions

World Class Software Applications to Simplify the Programming Process

Each customer and programming application has different business problems, quality requirements and cost targets to meet. At Data I/O we understand this. Working in close collaboration with our customers, we have developed a comprehensive suite of value-added software applications to address your specific needs. You can customize many of our programming systems with the following software.