Kintronic Labs, a global leader of radio broadcast antenna systems, is committed to satisfy its customer requirements in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner by implementing a quality policy that aims to continuous improvement.

KTL Quality management system allows all areas and employees to collaborate in a joint effort to improve product quality, on-time delivery, and fast turnaround service for the life of the product.


Kintronic Labs, Inc has established a world wide reputation for top quality products and timely and innovative technical support. We now witness the transition of radio from analog to digital technology. Kintronic Labs offers:

These are proving to yield the highest quality AM radio service available today.

Kintronic Labs, Inc. serves the world wide radio broadcast antenna system market, from the frozen Artic Circle to the blistering deserts of the Middle East. Kintronic Labs, Inc. has a proven track record by:

Principle manufactured products include:

AM/Medium Wave & Shortwave Products

Product categories


FM, STL, TV, & Telecom

Kintronic Labs, Inc. provides FM, STL, TV, & Telecom solutions to such as Isocouplers (Translators), Coaxial & Waveguide Isolation Inductors, FM Filters, FM Combiners, Patch Panels, Coaxial Switches, Controllers, Indoor & Outdoor temperature controlled equipment racks, as well as others.

Towers & Tranmission Lines

Product categories:


Broadcasting & Telecommunication Services

Kintronic Lab engineers bring decades of experience to the toughest technical challenges in upgrading existing stations or implementing new facilities.

Serving the radio broadcast industry since 1949, engineers and specialists at Kintronic Labs provide complete design, on-site installation, commissioning and technical support services for broadcast and telecommunications, as well as custom hardware solutions for RF heating applications.